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The Five P’s

VDC and Standardization

The Weitz Company began applying VDC on our projects in the mid 2000s. Like many companies, our early efforts involved BIM 3D coordination and experimentation without established standards of use. However, along the way, The Weitz Company gathered best practices and began to shape our company’s organizational structure regarding VDC implementation. Today, Weitz has a standard, disciplined approach to using VDC on all of our projects. These standards provide our people the means to learn, apply their knowledge, and further improve how Weitz delivers VDC value to our clients. Our VDC standards include:

  • VDC Model Use Analysis. A means to determine which VDC uses apply value based on a project’s specific needs and opportunities.
  • VDC Project Execution Plan. A plan that establishes how VDC will be used by all project team members.
  • VDC Model Uses. A set of processes for how to use VDC model information.

The 5 P’s

When forming our standardized processes related to VDC, five areas of emphasis rose to the top and helped shape our approach: Purpose, Process, People, Platform, Performance.

  • Purpose. Weitz has a multi-tiered purpose for using VDC at the company, work segment, office location, project, and employee levels.
  • Process. A standard process for using VDC aligns our work toward the purpose.
  • People. Our people apply the processes to achieve the purpose.
  • Platform. Our people utilize a platform of tools and technology within the process, being always mindful of the purpose.
  • Performance. Finally, we measure our performance and make adjustments to continuously improve for our clients.