Virtual Design and Construction


Some use the term Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) and Building Information Models (BIM) interchangeably. At Weitz, we see VDC as an entire process with BIM as just one of the tools used to aid that process.

Our goal is to deliver value to our clients, not just to create a model.┬áBy focusing on VDC expertise and utilization Weitz determines a project’s needs and VDC opportunities, then matches our processes as appropriate.

VDC Value and Benefits

Our projects benefit from VDC through improved design and construction integration, cost planning, scheduling, coordination, logistics planning, constructibility, prefabrication/modularization, and asset management. VDC provides:

  • Value to workers in the form of increased safety and productivity
  • Value to our clients in the form of reduced costs, increased quality, and shortened schedules
  • Value to designers in the form of predictable construction planning through our collaborative work processes
  • Value to our project team trade partners through improved coordination