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Lean-Last Planner

Lean construction is just good common sense. It’s working smarter, faster, better. It’s asking questions and creating a collaborative team environment among all who manage or perform the work. Lean construction eliminates unnecessary tasks, keeps excess materials off of job sites, creates a safer work environment and accelerates the workflow of a project.

Lean Process and Results

Productivity Increases. By integrating Lean as part of our construction culture, productivity on Weitz job sites has increased by as much as 50 percent. The tangible results of this increase in productivity is money saved for our clients in terms of shortened schedules, less waste regarding construction materials, and less rework due to inefficient processes.

Daily Stand Up Meetings. To implement our Lean process, The Weitz Company uses the Last Planner SystemTM; a six-week look ahead schedule; a weekly work plan; and daily “stand up” meetings. Daily stand up meetings are an opportunity for leaders of the entire team, Weitz – Subcontractors – Suppliers, to meet as a group to discuss each day’s accomplishments, coordinate upcoming work activities, as well as initiate problem-solving discussions. This shared knowledge builds not only a successful team with common goals, but a successful project.

Lean Benefits

  • Simplifies project coordination
  • Provides predictable project workflow and final results
  • Reveals new opportunities for improvement
  • Improves total system performance
  • Increases job site safety