PACFLT Sub Features

PACFLT Submarine Drive-In Magnetic Silencing Facility

Pearl Harbor, HI

Watts-Healy Tibbitts A JV constructed this new magnetic silencing facility that consists of a new non-magnetic concrete drive-in deperming pier for submarines, a new 4,405 SF rectifier building and a new 205 SF generator building. The project involved pile driving, dredging, existing pier demolition, pier concrete construction, aluminum truss cable support structure, pier mechanical and electrical utilities, in-water demolition, sub-surface magnetic anomalies removal, in-water magnetic sensor tube installation, in-water Z-loop block foundation installation, earthwork, civil utilities, grading operations, landside electrical work and concrete building foundations. Watts produced concrete piles and pier planks at Watts’ Guam precast yard to obtain non-magnetic concrete.


U.S. Department of the Navy/ NAVFAC Hawaii FEAD


600-foot Pier
4,405 Rectifier Building
205 SF Generator Building