K10-K11 Feature

P-193 Waterfront Improvements for K10-K11

Oahu, HI

This project consisted of three distinct elements:  a new reinforced concrete wharf on concrete piles with the capacity to support heavyweight supply container loading and unloading operations; a wharf staging area, consisting of a pile-supported concrete relieving platform and concrete slab-on-grade; and a new steel-framed Wharf Transit Shed.  The existing timber fender pile system along the 309.7m (1,016 feet) long wharf was replaced with 34 new 610mm (24 inch) square pre-stressed concrete fender piles, plastic lumber walers and chocks, and foam-filled fenders at 60 feet on center and strengthened portions of existing deck with 128 new bearing piles, concrete caps, and mooring hardware to allow mooring of ships against a 50-knot wind.   The team delivered the project seven months ahead of schedule.


Fleet Industrial Supply Center, Pearl Harbor
U.S. Department of Navy/NAVFAC Hawaii


Architects Pacific

Square Feet: