Hydrant Fuel Feature

Hickam AFB Replace Hydrant Fuel Systems*

Oahu, HI

Work included the repair and inspection of two existing 2.4 million gallon (57,142 barrels) fuel tanks, the construction of a new Type III Hydrant System including a 3,750 SF pump house containing five 600 gpm pumps, twelve hydrant outlet pits, and associated underground fuel piping with a design capacity of 600 gpm.  The team also installed one 500KW emergency generator as well as cathodic protection, water, and power utility service. *Built by Watts Constructors, part of OCI N.V.



U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


Two 2.4 million-gallon fuel tanks
10,200 m2 of airfield pavement
10,280 LF of carbon steel piping
12 hydrant outlet pits