Elwha Water Facilities Feature

Elwha River Water Treatment Facilities

Port Angeles, WA

Watts-DelHur completed this major heavy civil/structural/utility project as part of the Elwha River Restoration Project to return the Elwha River back to an original natural state by constructing the Elwha Water Facilities to treat water and remove sediment that were anticipated after the removal of two dams upriver.. The contract consisted of four projects (The Elwha River Levee Improvements, Elwha Surface Water Intake, Elwha Water Treatment Plant, and the Crown Z Road Improvements) which presented major challenges and accomplishments like working at a remote project site, diverting the river, performing in-river construction work in one season, completing 375,000 work hours with no lost time incidents and delivering the project to the client and multiple stakeholders a year ahead of schedule.


National Park Service


URS Corporation


40 MGD Water Treatment Plant, Water Intake, Levee