Weitz Presents at FA&M 2016: Tips & Tricks to Boost Your Project ROI

FA&M E-Blast 2016Understanding your company’s ROI is key to growing your business. Matthew Chang, PE will break down the partnership between engineering and finance, explain the finance basics of ROI and provide the guidelines for large capital projects.  Using his market expertise, Matthew will give his tips and tricks for boosting ROI on your approved projects and will explain how to utilize labor, logistics and savings data to drive efficient site selection.

Join Matthew Chang, PE as he presents Tips & Tricks: Boosting Your Projects ROI” at the Food Automation Conference, Monday, April 11th in the Solutions Theater, Track B at 3:00-3:30pm in Fort Myers, FL.

Matthew Chang, PE Market Sector Leader-Food, Beverage & Consumer Products

Matthew Chang, PE
Market Sector Leader, Food, Beverage & Consumer Products