Weitz Assists Seminole Ridge Construction Academy with Habitat for Humanity Project

The hammers will come to rest on the morning of Tuesday, November 12th as the Seminole Ridge Construction Academy students push their completed Habitat for Humanity House #2 out of their shop to awaiting tractors and trailers for the move to the property in Lake Worth. This is notification of this exciting event and an invitation for you to come see some of the action that concludes another successful house build by this very impressive, well run, academy program.
Beginning at 7:30 AM on the 12th, the crane will set up at the shop door of the Academy and soon after begin hoisting the house components onto trailers. The lifting and loading process is expected to last until approximately 2:30 PM. By that time, seven trailers will have been loaded with 4 completed house modules and 6 roof sections, all dried in and ready to cap off the house the next day.
Beginning at 6 AM on the 13th, the first two trailers containing two house modules will pull out of the school and head down Seminole Pratt Whitney Road on their way to the property located at 130 South E Street in Lake Worth (map attached). The crane will be set up early on the 13th and have a module set onto the foundation by 8 AM. Throughout the morning and into early afternoon, successive trucks and trailers will head from the school to the site where they will be systematically off loaded and put in their permanent place.
By 5 PM on the 13th, it is hoped and anticipated that the modules will be permanently placed, the roof sections will be fastened to the modules, and all will be dried in, forming a completed house.
There have been many mentor volunteers who have assisted the academy teacher, Mr. Terkovich, in this venture and they are mentioned on the project’s website (www.seminoleridgehabitathouse.com). However, an extra special shout-out needs to be extended to the Weitz Company (a contractor who has built some nice buildings for the District) for pulling together, with short notice, the crane, rigging, and moving operation (Hunter Crane Company and Kauff’s Transportation Company). A month ago, it was discovered that the company who was going to move the house had closed its doors, leaving the program scrambling to find a way to get the house to the site in Lake Worth. When Jon Tori from Weitz was asked if he could help out, he and his staff jumped on the opportunity and came to the rescue by assembling a professional, pro bono team who will conduct the move on November 12th and 13th.